Pool Table Room Sizes

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Pool table room sizes guide in Asheville

Here are approximate pool table room sizes to take into consideration when buying a pool table. Many people don’t consider this very important question when purchasing a billiard table for their home, will it fit in the room?

You want to make sure you know the dimensions of the room where you plan to have your pool table assembly taken care of. With this information, we can help you verify if the table you are interested in will actually fit in your room.

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Pool table room sizes guide Asheville pool table movers

Knowing the pool table room sizes and the billiard table dimensions will also help in ordering the right cut of material, in case you’re interested in the pool table recovering of your table.

When we take care of refelting services using new felt, the cloth is precut so that it can perfectly recover the correct size of your table.

If an 8-foot table is expected to be serviced and we encounter a bigger table then we may not even have the correct cloth size.

Which could also incur additional trip charges for our installers to come back with the correct size cut of cloth.

Knowing the pool table sizes helps us provide a better service

Pool table size is important for a successful job and it’s super handy to know when checking the pool table room size in your home. So make sure you have the exact measurements of the pool table such as the measurements of the room you want to install it.

Our trained pool table installers here at SOLO® Billiard Table services make sure that risk is as small as it can be. We take the appropriate measures to ensure a safe and satisfactory billiard service.

We understand that tables are of high value and some can mean very much to our customers. Which is why we treat them with the utter care that they deserve and are covered accordingly.

We advise that you go over the information we put together for you in regards to the price and cost to move your billiard table. This will certainly help you make an informed decision when scheduling your service.

Pool table sizes and game room dimensions

Pool table sizes for your game room

7′ x 3 ½’ – 7 foot pool table needs roughly 17′ x 13½’

8′ x 4′ – 8 foot pool table needs roughly 18′ x 14′

9′ x 4 ½’ – 9 foot pool table needs roughly 19′ X 14½’

Measure from tip of bumper to tip of bumper across the width of your pool table to find your table size. You can find the pool table room size required by determining what size your pool table is.

This is especially important when calling for pricing, refelting, or moving because this will change the pricing on both services.

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Why it’s important to know the pool table sizes?

Pool table room sizes that correctly fit your table

Pool table room sizes are important for a successful job and it’s super handy to know this information, especially when we take care of the pool table moves from start to finish.

This is because we may need to move the pool table components up or downstairs and if this billiard table is bigger than it was specified, then we will need extra muscle to relocate it.

In most cases, this will change the price of the service. We need to make sure that your pool table will fit in the room.

For as if it does not, then the job will have to be rescheduled or you may have to choose a different room to have this billiard table setup.

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